Orgali Whiskers


Orgali(VWM022) was born in the Whiskers on December 21, 1999. His mother was Holly and his father was Argon, the dominant pair of the Whiskers at the time. Orgali's litter-mates were his one sister Wahine(VWF019) and two brothers Tama(VWM020) and Rangi(VWM021). They were Holly's third surviving litter born in the Whiskers. They all survived to adulthood. This litter was the first of Holly in which all the pups survived while her first two litters where at least one pup died. Orgali stayed in the Whiskers for a year and a half. After his mother died on September 18, 2000 and his father left the group, his cousin Risca took dominance. Soon after the eldest males started rove away from the mob. Orgali started to rove with the other males, and when he came back with his brothers, they discovered at a large number of Vivian males had joined the group. The Vivian males would not allow any of the Whiskers adult males to return.


The Whiskers males were unable to rejoin the Whiskers so instead they met up with two evicted Whiskers females and established the Hobgoblin Mob. Risca had evicted her two younger cousins Zola and Artemis soon after the Vivian males had joined the mob. Orgali was one of the youngest males in the group so he didn't take dominance. Instead Zola and a Whisker male named Beetle established dominace over the Hobgoblin. Since all the meerkats were related, the males soon started to rove again including Orgali and his two litter-mate brothers. He stayed in this mob for awhile and then left to rove with his brothers and cousins. He was Last Seen on September 1, 2001 probably joined wild females.

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