Orts(VFM019) was born on December 23,1998 in the Frisky. His mother was Jubulani the dominant female and his father was the unknown dominant male. Orts was born in a average litter of four pups, his litter-mates were December 23,1998 to VFM018, Erts(VFM0??) and Banshee(VFF0??). The pups survived their first few weeks and started forgaing with the adults. Sadly VFM018 was predated shortly after the pups started foraging. Orts survived through hsifirst year without much difficulty. As and adult meerkat, he started to help out with the pups by babysitting and keeping a sentry post. The dominant male later died and Orts' older brother Garnet became the new dominant but he soon left the group in August 2001 and Orts took up dominance. In late 2001 Orts when roving at the Drie Doring and mated with a female named Pavoratti.  Orts returned to the group and stayed in the Frisky for almost three years. In September 2002, Orts and nine other Frisky males had taken to roving and were seen with five Young Ones females.


The group established a small territory and was called the Pharside Mob.Orts being the oldest of the males and the most experienced with dominance, became the dominant male. One of the females took up dominance beside him. Soon after all the males except two left to rejoin the Frisky. Orts remained in the mob as the dominant male however he disappeared from the mob after a group of wild males kicked joined the Pharside. Orts and the other Frisky male  reappeared later on beaten up roving at other mobs. The other Frisky male returned to the Frisky while Orts disappared.


Frisky Mob

Pharside Mob