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Otmar deBunwich(VTYM025) was born in the Toyota Mob on September 17, 2009. His mother was Miss Lilly The Pink and his father was Greegan, and their were the dominant couple at the time. His litter-mates were Hoodwink(VTYF022), Bamboozle(VTYF024) and VTYP023. Sadly VTYP023 was predated just one month later. The other three survived to adulthood. Otmar deBunwich started to rove with the adult males. In October 2010 he an his father, Greegan went roving along with Ed Harcourt, Rafola, Superman and Paymister. Greegan didn't rove with his sons after that. Sadly in December 2010 Greegan died and Paymister took over as the dominant male. Otmar deBunwich didn't stay in the Toyota for long and left the group along with Ed Harcourt and VTYM029. They may have joined a wild group. Otmar deBunwich was Last Seen.


Mother: Miss Lilly The Pink.

Father: Greegan.

Sisters: Hoodwink and Bamboozle.

Litter-mate: VTYP023.

Grandmothers: Mozart Whiskers and unknown.

Grandfathers: JD Lazuli and unknown.


Toyota Mob

Miss Lilly The Pink Whiskers

Greegan Toyota