Oujamaflip(VGGM032) was born into the Gattaca on April 16, 2006. His mother was Brufola, and his father was an unknwn rover. His litter-mates were his sister Scary Mary(VGGF031) and his brother Benwyn(VGGM033). Their mother was not the dominant female, but their grandmother Risca was. She had no pups of her own at the time and the Gattaca were low in numbers so she allowed Brufola to keep her litter. Oujamaflip and his two siblings made it to adulthood. A group of Vivian males joined the Gattaca soon after the former dominant male Izit, Oujamaflip's grandfather, died. In December 2006, Brufola disappeared after being evicted along with Gringo. In April 2007, Benwyn left the group with several of the Vivian males. The Gattaca were suffering from disease which killed the remaining Vivian males and Risca was predated. The remaining members were marked with TB so Oujamaflip probably died of TB.


Gattaca Mob

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