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Owlet Balrog
KMP code
Birth Date
September 17,2006
Death Data
Last seen 2007

Owlet was born September 17,2006 in [Balrog Mob]]. Her mother was Mussolini and father was Boba. Her litter-mates were Woody,Twilightand Willow. Her mother Mussolini was the dominant female and aborted her next litter. She became the dominant female after Priscilla died after taking dominance from Velvet the former dominant of Balrog. By the next year 2007 Basta and four other adults died of TB. Audrey gave birth but her litter was killed by Vivian Mob after a grop encounter with Balrog. Musolini then gave birth to another litter but the litter was lost. Boba is predated. A wild female named Wildkat and a Young Ones female named Tequila joined the group. Tequila was evicted from Young Ones and previously formed PQ Mob. Mussolini and two males died from TB. Owlet disappeared or was predated. There where only three members:Wildkat,Tequila and Owlet's brother Woody. By the end of 2007 Wildkat disappeared and the group was considered lost.


Mother: Mussolini

Grandmother: Viv'e

Father: Boba

Grandfather: Stinker

Brother: Woody and Willow

Sister: Twilight

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