The PK Mob was a short-lived group form in October 2008 when tghe signal Elveera females was joined by two Whiskers males and later a wild male. The only adult female Beebop in the company of two unknown yet semi habicuated sub-adults, one with very faint dye-marks. The small group soon produced it's first litter however shortly after the mob experienced a group split. Beebop, the wild male and two of the pups disappeared leaving the rest of the mob with dominant male Machu Pichu. The splinter never rejoined and was never found because Machu Pichu wear the radio collar. Beebop's body was later found in February 2009. The PK was no longer followed with the absence of a dominant female. However the other Whisker male Rhogan Josh kept appearing as a frequent rover at other groups. 

Dominant Pair

At the start of the PK history the group only consisted of one adult female named Beebop as the dominant female. The older of the Whisker males Machu Pichu took male dominance next to Beebop. After the group split and got lost, without Beebop there was no other adult female to take her place, however Machu Pichu remained the dominant male staying with the two remaining sub-adults and the last two pups. All the Members where lost soon after. Beebop was later found dead and the PK group was lost.

All Known Members

A list of meerkats born or joined the PK.
Machu Pichu snake bite wound

Machu Pichu

Beebop (VEF124) Dominant Female

Machu Pichu (VWM083) Dominant Male

Rhogan Josh (VWM116)

a wild male (VPKM001)








The PK held a small territory and never had any encounters with the KMP's known groups. The PK moved beyond the Lazuli and JaXX's territory to the edge fo thereserve.


October 2008: Machu Pichu, Rhogan Josh and a wild male VPKM001 joined Beebop and two sub-adults. Beebop and Machu Pichu became the dominant pair.

November 2008-Janaury 2009: Beebop gave birth to VPKP004, VPKP005, VPKP006 and VPKP007.  Beebop, the wild male and two of her pups split from the main group. Machu Pichu stays with the two sub-adults and the last two pups.

February 2009: Beebop body was found dead. The PK were lost. Rhogan Josh joined the Chuckle Bros.