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Paddington(VJXM083) was born in December 2014 to Cloudbreak in the JaXX. His father was an unknown rover and his siblings were Baloo(VJXF080), Kenai(VJXF081), Koda(VJXM082), Superted(VJXF084) and Yogi(VJXM085). Their mother was a sobortinate female however there were no other pups in the group so Paddington and his siblings were well taken care of. Koda was predated within the following month and Kenia disappeared in May 2015, however the rest of the litter survived their first year. Paddington's mother Cloudbreak and sister Baloo left the group in October and formed a small subgroup but both returned, however Cloudbreak died in November 2015. 


In February 2016 Paddington left the JaXX and joined the Ewoks along with Ash, Kazeh, Chewbacca and Poletje. Paddington was the youngest of the males and least likely to take dominance and instead the oldest male Kazeh took dominance. Paddington continued to rove occasionally instead. In August 2016, Chewbacca, Paddington and Ewoks male Genie left the group to rove.


The three rovers came across the Quintessentials who had lost all their males to TB. Paddington again did not win dominance and it went to his older brother Chewbacca took dominance. Paddington again continued to rove and he left the group to rove in November 2016. 


Paddington was found in the same month, November, at the newly formed Ubuntu mob. He went was absent in December along with Baobab females, Daisy and Minusch after they were seperated from the group. They returned the next month, in January. Sadly, that smae month Paddington was found dead.


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