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Pantouffle Vivian


Date of Birth
April 9, 2000
Date of Death
December 4, 2004
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Velvet, Viv'e and Vervain
Tina Sparkle, Spud, VWF077 and VWM079
Known For
Tina Sparkle's father
Also Known As
Joining the Lazuli with Basil


Pantouffle(VVM052) was born into the Vivian Mob on April 9, 2000. His mother was Rhian and his father was Snert, a Balrog rover. He was born with four litter-mates named Velvet(VVF050), Viv'e(VVF051) and Vervain(VVM049). Pantouffle and his litter-mates survived to adulthood. As an adult meerkat, He started to help out with the pups and taking sentry duties. Like all adult males, he started to rove soon after his first birthday in 2001. One day in mid 2001, Pantouffle went roving with his older uncle Kamaswami and met up with three former Vivian males. His uncles Basil and Govinda, and cousin Zazu had reccently left the near by Whiskers when they encountered the two young Vivian males. The males roved at many groups until they came across the Lazuli mob which was short on adult males.


The Vivian rovers joined the Lazuli and kicked out the two adult Elveera males. The oldest of the males Basil took dominance, while Cazanna overthrew the former dominant female Haslam and took dominance alongside Basil. Soon after this the Elveera males teamed up with Haslam and another evicted Lazuli female to form the Tottenham Mob. Pantouffle stayed in the Lazuli, helping with the new pups but roved often. In August 2002, Govina, Zazu and Kamaswami left the Lazuli to form the Xhosa. This left only two Vivian males left in the Lazuli, dominant male Basil and Pantouffle. He was the last of the subordinate Vivian males to leave the Lazuli. Panthouffle never challanged Basil's dominance and conitued to rove with the younger Lazuli males. In 2004 he visited the Whiskers and mated with Mozart who later gave birth to Tina SparkleSpud, VWF077 and VWM079. Pantouffle stayed in the Lazuli for two and a half years until he was Last Seen on December 4, 2004 near Drie Doring.


Vivian Mob

Lazuli Mob