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Papillon Lazuli


Date of Birth
Janaury 7, 2007
Date of Death
September 1, 2009
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Mungojerry and unknown
VLP129 and VLP130
Known For
JaXX Founder
Also Known As
Millie's mother


Papillon(VLF128) was born in the Lazuli Mob on Janaury 7, 2007. Her mother were Mungojerry and her father was an unknown rover. Her mother was not the dominant female but her grandmother Cazanna, and the dominant male at the time was her uncle Padloper, Cazanna's son. Papillon had two siblings VLP129 and VLP0130 who were sadly lost. Papillon however survived to through her first year and reach adulthood. When Cazanna died and her daughter Aretha became the new dominant female. Aretha started to evict females from the group when she got pregnant. It wasn't long beofre Papillon and her aunt Diana became the oldest sibordinate female. Eventually both of them left the Lazuli for new pastures in Feburary and were considered Last Seen, however the females were not lost.


The two evcted females reappared in May 2008 with a Hoax male and and two pups to formed a new group called the JaXX. When the JaXX. Diana was the oldest of the females so she became the dominant female and the Hoax male named Sid Vicious became the dominant male. Papillon had bcome pregnant during the two months she was absent, most likely mated with Sid Vicious and gave birth to two pups named Millie and Spike on May 2008. The small group survived as well as the two pups even though there were only three adults. Papillon may have killed Diana's litter if she produced any inorder to keep her pups before the group was discovered. Not long after the group formed, two wild males named Vince and Monsoon Moon joined the group. Vince ousted Sid Vicious from the dominant male position and became mates with Diana. They soon start to produce litters and Papillon hepled out with the pups. In March 2009, Diana, Papillon and ten month old Millie were all pregnant, however all the females lost their litters. Vince, Spike and a young male named Boost disappared with out a trace, leaving the JaXX without a dominant male. Diana's son Kori soon took dominance but stopped after a month, however he retook up the dominant male position a few months later. Papillon was evicted in September and disappared. She was considered Last Seen in 2009.


Lazuli Mob

JaXX Mob