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Paymister Toyota
Formerly of the Toyota
Date of Birth
August 17, 2008
Date of Death
September 2011
Cause of Death
Last Seen with TB
Kriple Jan, Superman, Langman, VTYP012 and VTYP013
Known For
Second Dominant Male of the Toyota
Also Known As
Toyota's Cassanova


Paymister(VTYM011) was born on August 17, 2008 in the Toyota. His mother was Ju Drop and his father was most likely Greegan. His litter-mates were Kriple Jan(VTYF008), Langman(VTYM009), Superman(VTYM010), VTYP012 and VTYP013. Ju Drop was the dominant female but she disappeared most likely predated, so her sister Miss Lilly The Pink took over as the dominant female. In October VTYP012 and VTYP013 died leaving only four of the pups alive. The pups survived ther first year without much event. Paymister's uncle Van Der Wethuizen left to join the Sequoia Mob but they returned. While Bracken, Paymister's other unlce, left the group to rove and disappeared in Decemb er 2008. Paymister became one of the oldest males in the group even those he was not an adult yet. Never the less Paymister and his litter-mates survived to adulthood. He started to help out around the mob with every day duties like babysitting and taking sentry post while the group was out foraging. Like all adult males Paymister and his brothers soon started to rove. In March Paymister's brother Langman disappeared in March 2009 after taking to roving. In July 2009 Paymister went roving and was seen Whiskers. He often roved at the Whiskers as well as as the other groups near the Toyota. His brother Superman became his roving buddy and they were seen at the Whiskers often. It is unknown if they had mated with any of the females since no subordinate litters survived. In July 2010 Paymister, Superman and Ed Harcourt went roving and then they went roving the next month. Greegan joined the rovers for some reason. Greegan, Paymister, Superman, Ed Harcourt, Otmar deBunwich and Rafola went roving in October. Paymister became the biggest rover at the Toyota. In December life changed for Paymister when his father Greegan died leaving the dominant male position open. Paymister assumed the role his father had been in for almost three years. In May 2011, his aunt Miss Lilly The Pink died, Kriple Jan was the oldest of the females but sadly in June she died from disease leaving Hoodwink as the new dominant female. In July 2011 Paymister and all the adult males took to roving and visited the JaXX. In their absence four JaXX males joined the Toyota. Paymister and the other Toyota males left the group.


Paymister's group of males soon came across a group of evicted females and formed the Yardies Mob. The females were from the Godzilla and were in the company of a wild male later named Scarface. Dominances was not yet settled, but Superman was absent maybe meaning Paymister would become the dominant male being the oldest. Unfortunately, Paymister was Last Seen because he was showing signs of TB along with his brother Superman in September 2011.


Toyota Mob

Yardies Mob