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Pe'ahi Whiskers


Formerly of Whiskers
Date of Birth
March 14, 2012
Date of Death
September 2015
Cause of Death
Enili or Treva and an unknown rover
Rufio, Pet, and Brea
Jediah the Dragon Slayer, Quebra Mola, Sheriff, Zarahara, Peppa, VWP193, VWP195, and Candy
Known For
Ninth Dominant Female of the Whiskers
Also Known As
Swift's sister

Pe'ahi(VWF177) was born on March 14, 2012, into the Whiskers. Her mother was either Enili or Treva The Renewer, and her father was an unknown rover. Her litter-mates were Mentawai(VWF174), Loredo(VWM175), and Swift(VWF176). All the pups survived their first three months, but sadly, in June 2012, Mentawai was predated. As one of the oldest females in the mobs, Pe'ahi was evicted for the first time in December 2012, even though she wasn't fully matured. She managed to get back into the group and started suckling Enili's pups at nine months of age. In February 2013, Pe'ahi became pregnant for the first time at just eleven months of age, but she sadly aborted her litter. In March 2013, Pe'ahi and her sister Swift were both evicted, but they both returned to the group. In September 2013, the dominant female and Pe'ahi's mother Enili died when she was hit by a car on the main road. Neither Pe'ahi or Swift could establish dominance over the other. After that, Pe'ahi was seen mating with Pet, one of the immigrant males of the group. In October 2013, Pe'ahi and Swift both fell pregnant; however, Pe'ahi aborted her litter. The two females fought viciously for dominance, and their violent fights resulted in Swift also aborting. The Whiskers went without a dominant female for the rest of 2013 until January 2014 when Pe'ahi took dominance of the group. She gave birth to another litter, but sadly the pups were lost within that month. Pe'ahi was pregnant again in March 2014 but aborted. Later that year she fell pregnant again and in August 2014 she gave birth to Sheriff, Peppa, and Zarahara. Peppa and Zarahara were both lost a month later and Sheriff was eventually predated. In October 2014, Brea became the dominant male and Pe'ahi's new mate. The next month Pe'ahi was pregnant along with her sister Swift. Swift gave birth first in December 2014, but her pups were killed by Pe'ahi. Pe'ahi then gave birth to Jediah the Dragon Slayer, VWP193, Quebra Mola, VWP195, and Candy. VWP193 went missing within that month. Two months later Quebra Mola and VWP195 were predated. Pe'ahi fell pregnant for the last time in July 2015. She gave birth a month later to an unknown number of pups. Sadly, Pe'ahi was predated in September 2015 and her litter was lost before they emerged. Swift became the next dominant female of the Whiskers.

A Meerkat's Tale

Pe'ahi was briefly seen in the 2012 BBC documentary A Meerkat's Tale. The hour-long special, using footage from the Planet Earth Live series, mostly focused on Pe'ahi's sister Swift and the Whiskers' dominant female Enili. Pe'ahi, Mentawai, and Loredo were all unnamed on the show, but could be seen learning to forage and helping to chase away rival meerkats.


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