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Peanut(VTYF030) was born on February 28, 2010 in the Toyota. Her mother was Miss Lilly The Pink and her far was Greegan, the dominant pair of the Toyota at the time. She was born in a litter of five with three brothers named Scampi(VTYM28), VTYM029 and Disco Stu(VTYM032) and one sister named Squeaker(VTF031). That same month the pups were born their older sibling VTYM023 was predated. All five pups survived their first month and started foraging with the adults.The pups survived their first few months. When Peanut was seven months old, her mother Miss Lilly The Pink gave birth to a new litter in September. Sadly in December Greegan died of TB and Paymister became the new dominant male. That same month, VTYM029 was absent from the group and considered Last Seen. Miss Lilly The Pink gave birth to one more litter in Janaury 2011. Peanut started to help her mother with the pups while her brothers started to rove. Her mother died in March, Peanut did not take dominance but her older sister Hoodwink. In July a group of JaXX rovers joined the group when the males were out roving. Scampi and Disco Stu ha left the group to form the Yardies. In September Peanut became pregannt but abort her litter. Over several months many of the Toyota members had died making Peanut and Squeaker the oldest females in the group. October 2011 Hoodwink died in Peanut nor Squeaker didn't try to take dominance so their younger sister Chimp became the dominant female. Peanut was evicted when Chimp was pregnant. Chimp gave birth to four pups in Janaury. Peanut was evicted again in Febraury. Sadly in March 2012, Peanut died of TB along with Chimp leaving Squeaker as the new dominant female.


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