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Pelomedusa(VLF091) was born on December 5, 2003 in the famous Lazuli Mob. Her mother was the dominant female Cazanna and her father was the dominant male Basil. Her litter-mates were her brother Padloper(VLM090) and her sister Pancake(VLF092). Pelomedusa died on January 14, 2004. She was probably predated, though it is unknown how she died. Her brother and sister survived to adulthood. Pancake was evicted and Last Seen on November 11, 2005. Her brother later became the dominant male of the Lazuli but sadly was killed on August 3, 2007. Both of her siblings became famous.


Mother: Cazanna.

Father Basil.

Sister: Pancake.

Brother: Padloper.


Lazuli Mob

Pancake Lazuli

Padloper Lazuli