The Phantom Mob was one of the first a compostition groups first seen in 1994. Phantom were lead by Tenuvial and Ectorius. After a group split in 1994 Tenuvial and several members got lost and the Phantom were lead by a new dominant female. In 1995 the dominant male Ectorius left the group to go roving and by chance came across Tenuvial's lost splinter group half a year later and founded the Elveera. Phantom was fortified by four wild males however through the years most of the members dispersed and the last three females were seen with a Griffin male and three juvinals before the group was not longer followed after 1999.

Dominant Pair

In the Phantom, the position was taken by Tenuvial. She held dominance from when the Phantom started to be followed along with one of the wild males named Ectorius. After a group split,Tenuvial and a few members left to form the Elveera. Another female took up dominance, probably a natal female as Ectorius started to rove. By chance, Ectorius came across the Elveera to become the dominant male there in 1995. Four wild males joined the group, one of the wild males established dominance. The Phantom begant to disperse with roving males and evicted females leaving the group. A Griffin male joined the last three Phantom females when all the males had left and most likely became the new dominant male. However the group was no longer followed after 1999.

All Known Members

A list of meerkats born or join the Phantom. 

Tenuvial (VPF001)

Ectorius (VPM003)

Troll (VPM008)

Eleusine (VEF001)

Phoenix (VEM005)

A Griffin Male


The Phantom held a territory in-between the Vivian, Avatar, Drie Doring and Rascals.


1994: The Phantom was first followed. Tenuvial and Ectoius were the dominant pair. A group split, Tenuvial and a few others meerkats left the group and another female became the new dominant female.

1995: Tenuvial's splinter group formed the Elveera. Ectorius left the group and joined the Elveera. Four wild males joined the group. Members began to disperse.

1998: Three Phantom females were seen with a Griffin male and three juvinels.

1999: The Phantom were no longer followed and considered Last Seen.