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Phoenix(VEM005) was born in Elveera Mob on November 21,1996. His litter-mate was Eleusine(VEF001), VEP002, VEP003 and VEP004. Phoenix was the son of Tenuvial and the VPM003. They were first doamint pair of the Elveera and Phantom Mob. What happen to his other litter-mates remained unknown for now. He and Eleusine survived to adulthood. He went roving and ran into another mob called the Vivian. The dominant male Stinker wasn't guarding his mate Vivian, the dominant female. He managed to catch the eye of Vivian and was able to mate with her. The Vivian males chased him away.Two months later Vivian gat birth to Rapunzel(VVF031), Zaphod(VVM032) and Yossarian(VVM033). Phoenix disappeared only a month before his pups were born. He disappeared on October 14, 1998. He was two years old when he disappeared. Rapunzel might have became a dominant female of a wild group. She was evicted with two younger females. His two sons would later become dominants in the Whiskers and Zaphod was the dominant male of the Aztecs Mob, until his death in March 4, 2011, with 12 years old.


Mother: Tenuvial

Mate: Vivian

Sons: Zaphod and Yossarian

Daughter: Rapunzel

The fates of Vivan and Phoenix pups

Zaphod: He was once the dominant male of the Whiskera Mob, where he fathered many litter. However, in January 2007, his mate, Flower, died from a snake bite. He is now the Dominant Male of the Aztecs Mob with his niece, Monkulus, as the Dominant Female. Zaphod is the oldest meerkat known as he lived to the age of 12 years old, when he passed out on March 4, 2011.

Yossarian: He was once dominant at the Whiskers, where he fathered two litters until Zaphod ousted him. He went on to father one litter in Lazuli as a rover. In July 2006, Yossarian went roving with his son Zarathustra and a Young Ones male Sepp. The manged to join the Lazuli Mob while the males were roving. The males returned and killed Sepp. Yossarian and Zarathustra got away. Yossarian died in a bolt hole. Zarathustra later returned to the Whiskers.

Rapunzel: In 2001, she was evicted with two other Vivian females, Kamala and Hong and disappeared possiblely joined wild males. She gave birth to one litter in the Vivian in August 2000.


Elveera Mob

Zaphod Vivian

Yossarian Vivian

Rapunzel Vivan

Vivian Vivian

Tenuvial Phantom