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Phooey Vivian

Phooey Vivian(VVM046).jpg

Date of Birth
July 27, 2000
Date of Death
October 30, 2003
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Hong and VVM045
Known For
Joining the Whiskers
Also Known As
Vivian's Last Son


Phooey(VVM045) was born on July 27, 2000 in the Vivian Mob. His mother was Vivian and his father was Stinker. He had two litter-mates: Hong(VVF044) and VVM045. They were Vivian's last litter and she died shortly after they were born. Phooey's older sister, Rhian took dominance in her place. VVM045 sadly died in March 2001. Phooey stayed in Vivian for a year and a couple of months until he began to rove. Phooey along with brothers left the Vivian and roved in a large coalition. There were eleven Vivian male in all. Phooey left with his older brothers Basil, Izit, Zaphod, Yossarian, Genghis, Alexander, Attila and Govinda and two nephews Patis and Zazu.



They soon emigrated into a group called Whiskers in 2001. The Whiskers by then numbered 18 or so and they just lost their domiant pair. The dominant female of the Whiskers was Risca by then. Basil was the oldest of the Vivian males but Izit took dominance. Basil, Zazu and Govinda left the group and soon joined Lazuli. After some time, Izit bullied the other males but ultimately lost control over the males and was deposed. Vivian males fought for dominace and finally Zaphod won. Phooey and other males left the group to visit Young Ones. They returned to the Whiskers sometime later. Phooey then tried to fight for rank in the group and challenged Yossarian. The two males fought for days but neither gained dominance, although Phooey was heavier. Phooey then attacked Zaphod, and although he was the heaviest of the males, Zaphod was more experienced and beat him. Zaphod was over thown by Yossarian who held dominance for a year. Phooeey challanged Yossarisn for dominance but ultimately lost. Finally one by one the other Vivian males left the group. Phooey soon left the group with Attilla and disappeared on October 30, 2003.


Mother: Vivian

Father: Stinker

Sister: Hong

Brother: VVM045


Vivian Mob

Whiskers Mob