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Planet Earth Live is

Planet Earth Live

a UK BBC show featuring various animals in their natural habitat. It also aired in the US under the title 24/7 Wild on NatGeo. In the third episode, which aired in May, 2012, the Whiskers were filmed to demonstrate how meerkats teach their young how to survive and thrive in the wild Kalahari Desert. On the 7th of October, 2012, an hour long special focused entirely on the Whiskers was released. The special aired on BBC One in an episode called A Meerkat's Tale.


Planet Earth Live shows various baby animals, meerkats being one of the many featured in the show, learning how to live in the wild around the globe. Planet Earth Live follows the lives of a pride of lions in Africa, to black bears in North America, to the depts of the oceans to follow a mother whale and her calf. The third episode follows a young female pup named Swift and her smaller sister Sparrow as they learn how to survive in the harsh Kalahari Desert.


Filming the meerkats

Swift - a female pup and the main character

Sparrow - Swift's smaller sister, played by Mentawai and/or Pe'ahi

The Sphinx - first of the Whiskers to be seen on the show.

Enili - the dominant female of the group

Ernesto - an adult male who gets bitten by a snake.

Other Animals

Beside meerkats, Planet Earth Live also features a variady of wild life across the globe.

  • Moja - a young lion and his mother.
  • Gremlin - a toque macaque living in Hector's troop.
  • Juliette - an older black bear seen with her three cubs Sam, Sophie and Sybil.
  • Jewel - A first time black bear mother and her two cubs.
  • June - a mother black bear with her two year old cubs Aspin and Aster.
  • Silva - an old experience female Elephant in the Royals Herd.
  • Little Pink Foot, Sky and Gracy - young elephants.
  • A mother Gray Whale and her calf.



Roger Webb - Series Producer

Julia Bradbury - Presenter

Richard Hammond - Presenter

Tim Scoones - Executive Producer