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Young Poletje.

Poletje(VJXM079) was born into the JaXX to subordinate female Cloudbreak on June 15, 2014. The father of the pups remains unknown. His litter-mates included Chewbacca(VJXM077), Robin(VJXM076), and Quirkie(VJXM078). Sadly, Robin and Quirkie disappeared in August; however, Chewbacca and Poletje survived and thrived in the JaXX. Poletje went roving for the first time at the age of four months, merely a juvenile, in October 2014. He didn't go roving again until July 2015 when he was a little over a year old. After that, he and his remaining brother Chewbacca became very regular rovers, often visiting the nearby Ewoks family. In February 2016, Poletje and his brothers Paddington, Ash, Kazeh, and Chewbacca left the group together to rove.


The rovers came across the Ewoks, who were very low on males and had just lost their dominant pair. They kicked several of the resident males out when they joined. Poletje's older brother Kazeh took dominance, so Poletje continued to rove. In July 2016, Poletje, Chewbacca, Ewoks-borne Genie, and Ewoks females White Russian, Sarah-Anne, and Sarah-Jane left the group.


Poletje (collared) and Sarah-Anne.

The six Ewoks/JaXX meerkats found an Überkatz/Axolotls splinter and joined it to form the Thunderkatz. Poletje took male dominance alongside Sarah-Anne, who gave birth to his first confirmed pup VTKP001 in August 2016. Sadly, the pup was lost the next month, and the group was quickly dwindling to TB. He left the group and rejoined the Ewoks.


Poletje rejoined the group and disposed of his older brother Ash. Sadly, just after he conquered this dominant position, he and VEKM049 were lost to TB.


Poletje's name, meaning "summer" in Slovenian, was the final pup to be named by a KMP Friend: Helena of Slovenia.

"Poletje" made it to the 3rd place in our Friends' Burrow poll, gaining 10% of the votes.


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