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Pooh Young Ones
Formerly of the Umbongo
Date of Birth
February 26, 1997
Date of Death
September 22, 2000
Cause of Death
Roo,Piglet,Eeyore and VYM015
A Frisky male
Scaredy Cat, Oliver, Merlin two males pups and Umbongo pups
Known For
First dominant female of the Umbongo Mob
Also Known As
Piglet's litter-mate sister

Young Ones

Pooh(VYF012) was born on February 26, 1997 in the Young Ones Mob. Her mother was the dominant female Morgause and her father was Keros the dominant male. Pooh was born in a litter of five with two sisters named Piglet(VYF011) and Roo(VYF013) and two brothers Eeyore(VYM014) and VYM015. They were the fourth litter born on the Young Ones. Sadly VYM15 was predated on October 18, 1997. However the rest of Pooh's litter survived to adulthood. Piglet was evicted with three other females and formed the Whiskers in early 1998. Pooh herself was pregnant in late 1998. Then on Janaury 21, 1999 Pooh gave birth to Scaredy Cat, Oliver, Merlin and two males pups who sadly died a few months later. Her mother also gave birth to a litter of pups a few days before and allowed Pooh to keep her litter. Pooh was evicted in late 1999 along with with her litter mate sister Roo and younger sister, VYF020, while her juvinel son Oliver tagged along with pup AmidalIa who was Pooh's niece.


They females joined two Frisky rovers and formed the Umbongo Mob. One of the Frisky males became the dominant male while Pooh or Roo competed for dominance. Since they two sisters were the same age they were evenly matched. Pooh probably won dominance and ousted her sister. Pooh was predated on September 22, 2000 while the group was lost in 2001 suggesting she may have been the first dominant female. The Frisky male at her side was also predated leaving Roo and the second Frisky as the second dominant pair. Sadly the second dominant pair, like the first, was also predated. The group soon showed signs of disease and were lost in 2001. Her daughter Scaredy Cat help form the Pharside Mob while Merline disappeared while roving with other Young Ones males.


Young Ones Mob

Umbongo Mob