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Porcelain(VBBF015) was born on April 13,2008 to Hawkeye the dominant female of the group. Her litter-mates were Honey(VBBF014), Moby(VBBM013), VBBP016 and VBBP017. Sadly two of her litter-mates died as pups. Porcelain lost her litter. Porcelain, Honey, Cruise, She-Ra, Kiango, Pop, Coco and Snap split and forme the Urukhai Mob. Porcelain, She-Ra, Snap and Pop were pregnant. Cruise and Al Catraz took dominances but the next month all the meerkat rejoined the Baobab. Porcelain abort or lost her litter. In late 2010 she left the Baobab with a group of females and probably joined wild males.


Baobab Mob

Urukhai Mob