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Potjie(VRRM136) was born in the Rascals in Janaury 2011. His mother was the dominant female Sancerre and his father was most likely Grus the dominant male. Potjie was born in a litter of four with two sisters Edna May(VRRF187) and Zola(VRRF138) and one brother named Dizzie(VRRM139). They were Sancerre's first surviving litter ever. All four pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. Sadly in February while the group was out foraging, Zola was predated. The rest of the litter survived to adulthood. Unlike more adult males who start roving at a year of age, Potjie was slow to start roving. He went roving for the first time in his life in September 2012. Potjie's father, Grus died in October of old age. Dominance was taken by his uncle and half brother Crux. Potjie stayed in the Rascals for two months after this. Then in December 2012, Potjie left the Racals for good along with Crux.

Kung Fu

The two males joined the nearby Kung Fu while all the adult males were away roving. Crux was older so he became the dominant male. in January 2013 Potjie's litter-mate Dizzie left the Rascals and joined the Kung Fu. After Crux's death in September 2013 a group of Van Helsing males joined the group and established dominance. Potjie started to go roving with some of the Van Helsing males. Sadly, Potjie died in November 2013.


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