Pretenders Mob
Date of Forming
Janaury 2009
Finn, Van Der Wethuizen, VSQF003, VSQM004, Guinnes and VSQP010
Dominant Female(s)
Finn and VPTF001
Dominant Male(s)
Sid Vicious and VPTM006
Last Dominant Female
Last Dominant Male
Number of Members
Last Seen
February 2010
Last Known Member
VPTM007, VPTP008 and VPTM009

The Pretenders Mob were formed in January 2009, when the Sequoia Mob split up. The group consisted of Finn, Van Der Wethuizen, VSQF003, VSQM004, VSQP006 and VSQP010. Sid Vicious joined the group after an encounter with Sequoia while Van Der Wethuizen returned to the Sequoia. Throughout 2009 the group was sighted but not followed, until October 2009. During that time the dominant female, Finn, had died. VPTF001 assumed the role of dominant female after Finn's death. Sid Vicious remained dominant until December 2009 when he disappeared along with subordinate male VPTM003. Shortly after a wild male joined the group and took dominance. In January 2010, two wild males emigrated, one bringing a pup along with him. In February 2010, VPTF001 died and the Pretenders were lost.

Dominant Pair

Finn and Sid Vicious were the first dominant pair of the group. After Finn's death VPTF001 took dominance. Sid Vicious disappeared in late 2009, leaving VPTM006 to become the next dominant male.

All Known Members

Van Der Wethuizen (VTYM001)

Sid Vicious (VHXM002)
Finn Whiskers

Fin the first Dominant Female

Finn (VWF091)

VPTF001 (VSQF003)?

VPTM002 (VSQM004)?

VPTM003 (VSQP006)?

VPTF004 (VSQP010)?







The Pretenders' main rivals were the Sequoia Mob, the group in which the Pretenders had formed from. Their territory was also near the Nequoia, Kung Fu and Van Helsing.