Puff Adder

Puff Adder

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Puff adders are venomous and dangerous snakes that are found in Africa. These snakes can puff up to make them look bigger than they really are. Puff Adders are relatively small snakes, only a few feet long. Shakespeare Whiskers and Rocket Dog Whiskers had been bitten by one of these and lived.


The venom of the Puff Adder is a tissue-destroying venom that can lead to necrosis for meerkats and other animals or death. It uses it venom to kill prey such as meerkat pups or small rodents. A hunter that stands still it waits and waits until some small rodent comes along then it bites quickly then it lets go waiting for the venom to take effect. After the venom takes effect it begins to pull it down into its belly to be devoured. It will also use it venom to save itself from other animals that may pose a danger to it. Like Rocket Dog Whiskers got bit by a puff adder while defending some pups. She slowly recovered from the bite but then she got hit by a car and sadly died.She was a great meerkat to all who knew her.The venom will cause a slow painful death to other animals incuding humans.


The diet of the puff adder is mainly rodents but it will some times eat meerkat pups also. They will also eat meerkats,small snakes or even other puff adders.

Puff Adders and Meerkats

Puff Adders encounter meerkats when they are seen near the meerkat group's breeding burrow.They sometimes bite one of the meerkats mainly the babysitters. They often live to see the next day. Sometimes they kill the pups and eat them. Like the meerkats on Nat Geo Wild faced a puff adder and it retreated from them.They sometimes bite back at the meerkats.