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Rambo(VDM012) was a wilk male that joined the Drie Doring in October 1995 with several other males. Rambo was born in an unknown wild mob, making his origins unknown. After the Drie Doring's natal-males were replaced by wild males, Rambo and the other males competed for dominance. Rambo was able to oust the other males and established dominance beside the dominant female Mabili. She and another female soon became pregnant but both lost their litters to another pregnant female. Mabili aborted her next litter before becoming pregnant again. In August 1996 Mabili gave birth to Luanette, Melissa and Valliant. In December Mabili gave birth again to Islay, Jura, Coll and Tiree and by February 1997, she was shwoing signs of being pregnant again. In March 1997 Mabili gave birth to Iona, Arran,VDM024, Kida and VDF026. In April VDM015, one of the wild males who had joined the group with Rambom challanged him for dominance. Rambo lost the dominance fight and his position of dominant male. VDM015 was later overthrown by another wild male named Mad Max in June. In October, Rambo overthrew Mad Max and became the dominant male again. Mabili was pregnant again however she got pregnant in-between Mad Max and Rambo's reign making the father unknown. In December VDM015 overthrew Rambo again forcing Rambo back into a subordinate position. On October 5, 1998, Rambo went roving and joined the Frisky Mob where he became the dominant male, however he returned to the Drie Doring after losting dominance later that month. Rambo remained with the Drie Doring a little longer before he disappeared.


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