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Raul Elveera
Yes, formerly of the Lazuli and Tottenham
Date of Birth
September 15, 1998
Date of Death
April 10, 2002
Cause of Death
Bettik and VEF021
Possibly VTTP001?, VTTP002?, VTTP003?, VTTP04?, and other Tottenham pups
Known for
Dominant Male of Tottenham


Raul(VEM020) was born in the Elveera on September 15,1998. His mother was Tenuvial, and his father was Silks. His litter-mates were his sisters VEF021 and Bettik (VEF022). Raul survived to adulthood and often took to roving. He left the Elveera for good with Cuthbert(VEM084). They came across the Lazuli.


Raul and Cuthbert immigrated into the Lazuli, who had lost their dominant pair. The new dominant female was probably Haslam. Raul took up dominance beside her, but she was ousted by Cazanna and was evicted with Bukem. Then three Vivian rovers joined the group and kicked out Rual and Cuthbert. Basil took dominance of the Lazuli. They came across two evicted Lazuli females. They stayed together and formed a new breeding group called the Tottenham.

Tottenham Mob

Raul was the oldest male so he took up dominance beside Haslam. The two started to produce litters. The Tottenham group, however, only existed for a year. Disease hit the group. Raul died on April 10, 2002, then some other members died, bringing the group down in numbers. Cuthbert, Haslam, and Bukem were all Last Seen May 20, 2002, with the last remaining Tottenham members. They all had the disease. The Tottenham was lost in 2002.


Elveera Mob

Lazuli Mob

Tottenham Mob

Bettik Elveera