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Rheagan played by Zorilla Gattaca

Regan was seen as the dominant female of the Lazuli Mob in the Meerkat Manor The Story Begins. Her mate was Titus the dominant male of the Lazuli. Regan and Titus were made-up meerkats to replace Ziziphus and Belgarion, the real dominant pair at the time of Flower's birth. Regan was a fierce leader and led an attack on the Whiskers babysitting burrow where Flower and her litter-mates were. The attack failed and the Lazuli ran away when the Whiskers returned. The Lazuli gang seemed to have the better part of the territory with more land then the Whiskers. They also were bigger and often raided the Whiskers's territory. Their constant encounters led the Whiskers to move territories across the main road know as the Great Divide. The Lazuli then gained the Whiskers older territory. Later, the Lazuli got bored and attacked the Whiskers again after Holly died and Vialli had taken over as the dominant female. The Whiskers ran away and the Lazuli were seen as disappointed and returned back home to their territory. Two Lazuli males later joined the Whiskers, Zaphod was never mentioned to be Regan's son. Regan was seen later when Flower led the attack on the Lazuli. Her group wasn't ready for an encounter with their old rivals. She led the attack but lost the battle when Yossarian joined the Whiskers. This was the last time she was mentioned.


In reality, Regan a fictional meerkat alogn with her mate Titus. During 2000, when they movie was set in, Ziziphus was the dominant female of the Lazuli with her mate Belgarion. Zaphod and Yossarian were not from the Lazuli, dispite what the movie said. Regan was played by multiple females including Zorilla. The Lazuli probably were played by the real Commandos Mob.


Meerkat Manor The Story Begins

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