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Rhogan Josh Whiskers

Rhogan Josh Whiskers(VWM116) 2.jpg

Date of Birth
February 1, 2007
Date of Death
November 2009
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Petra and an unknown male
Known For
Founder and Last Known member of the PK


Rhogan Josh(VWM116) was born on February 1, 2007 in the Whiskers Mob. His mother was Petra and his father was an unknown roving male. Rhogan Josh was born into a mixed litter of eight pups. His confirmed litter-mates were Amira(VWF117), Chiriqui(VWF119) and Murray(VWM122). His other possible litter-mates, mothered by either Petra, Flo or Ella, were Burdock(VWF115), Rufus(VWM120), Squig(VWF118) and Etosha(VWM121). Rhogan Josh and his siblings were born roughly a week after the death of the long-term dominant female and his grandmother, Flower. in which afterwards his aunt Rocket Dog became the new dominant female. Shortly after in March 2007, some of the members from the Whiskers split from the group and formed the Aztecs Mob. All adult males, Miss Lilly The Pink and young Rufus rejoined the Whiskers within the month. Rhogan Josh, Rufus and Amira remained in the Whiskers during this time. The rest of the litter had joined the Aztecs. Rhogan Josh's sister Amira gave birth to one pup named Juno in January 2008, but Amira vanished in May 2008 leaving only Rhogan Josh and Rufus as the last of their litter living in the Whiskers. In June 2008 Rhogan Josh went roving with Rufus, his uncle Machu Pichu and his cousins Wollow and Axel.

Rhogan Josh on sentry


The boys joined the Lazuli Mob and kicked out all the resident adult males. Machu Pichu was the oldest male but he was recovering from a snake bite, so Wollow became the dominant male and Young's mate. Rhogan Josh and the other males helped guard and babysit the pups, but eventually returned to roving. In October 2008 Rhogan Josh and Machu Pichu went roving and came across a female meerkat.


The males joined Beebop from the Elveera Mob and three wild meerkats to form the PK Mob. Two of the wild meerkats were sub-adults, the other was of unknown age. Machu Pichu became the dominant male of the mob and quickly began producing litters with Beebop. Sadly the group was short-lived. Beebop died in February 2009 and without her the group was lost. Prior to the group's disappearance Rhogan Josh left the group.

Chuckle Bros

Rhogan Josh joined up with other roving males and formed a males-only mob called the Chuckle Bros. Rhogan Josh was seen roving in JaXX territory and many other groups, but he eventually disappeared. He was Last Seen in November 2009.


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