Richard(VVM108) was born in the Vivian Mob mob on September 29, 2004. His mother was Rhian and his father was Douglas. Richard had one litter-mate, a sister named Judy(VVF107). Both of the pups survived to adulthood. In April 2006, Richard's sister Judy disappeared. Later that year in October Richard went roving for the first time with several other males. The males all went roving and permenately left the Vivian.


The rovers joined the Gattaca Mob where Daffyd became the dominant male alongside Risca. Richard didn't remain the in mob for long. The Gattaca became infected with TB and lost many of its members. In April 2007 Richard, HannibalBalders, Amelie and Benwyn left the Gattaca and were all Last Seen. Shortly afterwards the Gattaca group was lost.


Vivian Mob

Gattaca Mob