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Ricou Sequioa

Ricou Sequoia.jpg

Formerly of the Chalibonkas
Date of Birth
September 18-20, 2009
Date of Death
April 2014
Cause of Death
Hit by a car
Sifaka, Kinkaju, Cilinha, Eusebio and No Sexy Time etc...etc...
Known For
Überkatz and Chalibonkas founder
Also Known As
Dominant Female of the Chalibonkas


Ricou (VSQF011) was born in-between September 18-20, 2009 in the Sequoia Mob. Her mother was Benzedrine and her father was Bruce. Ricou was born ina litter of four with one sister named Tina(VSQF012) and two brothers named Yabou(VSQM014) and Candy Flip(VSQM013). She and her siblings survived their puphood, and staretd foraging with the adults. By November when Ricou was 3 months old, her mother Benzedrine was pregnant again. Benzedrine gave birth to a new litter of four pups, Ricou was too young to help her mother with the new pups but she was old enough to fend for herself. Ricou was absent from the group at the end of April but return to the group in May. It wasn't for long she reached her first birthday. In November 2010 she was evicted by her pregnant mother for the very first time. Ricou stayed away from the many rovers who visited the mob and never produced a litter in the Sequoia. Ricou remained in the mob for two years and a half till April 2012, when the Sequoia splintered.


The splinter group never rejoined the main group and formed the Überkatz Mob. Her father Bruce was in the splinter as were most of the Sequoia so he established dominance. Ricou was one of the oldest females however her sister Tina took dominance and Ricou seemed content with her subordinante role. In July 2012 Bruce and most of the adult male left the group and rejoined the Sequoia. In the same month three Whiskers males soon joined the group. Ricou became prengnant and gave birth January 2013 but she lost the litter. She became pregnant again in October 2013. That same month she was evicted by Tina along with Talkeenta.


Ricou as the dominant female

In November Ricou and Talkeenta were seen in the company of a Baobab and two Lazuli males. The small group stayed together and founded the Chalibonkas Mob. Being older Ricou established herself as the dominant female. She was still pregnant and Talkeeta started showing signs of being pregnant as well. The Baobab male named Bumpy took the dominant male position. Ricou gave birth to her first litter of pups in December 2013 which consisted of SifakaKinkaju and VCKM003. All pups survived their first months however Talkeenta disappeared making her the only adult female in the group. Things were looking up for the group with the survival of two fo her pups from her first litter, VCKM003 had disappeared. Ricou gave birth to her second litter in March 2014, the litter consisted of VCKM004,CilinhaEusebioNo Sexy Time, VCKP008, VCKM009 and VCKP010. Sadly, she and two of her pups were run over and killed on the main road in April 2014 leaving the group without a dominant female for several months, until her daughter Kinkaju eventually took dominance after her.


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