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Rith The Awakener(VWF164)

Rith and Treva

was born on Janaury 2011 in the Whiskers Mob. Her mother was Ella and her father was Thundercat, the dominant couple of the Whiskers at the time. Her litter-mates were her four brothers named Darigaaz The Igniter(VWM162), Crosis The Purger(VWM163), Dromar The Banisher(VWM165) and Big Pimpin'(VWM166). All five pups sirvived their frist three months. In April, Ella gave birth to a new litter, by the Rith and her brothers could car for themeselves. In June, Ella lost dominance and Rith's older sister Enili became the new dominant female. Sadly in December 2011, while the Whiskers were crossing the main road, Dromar The Banisher was hit by a car and died along with Mimaji and Mr. Shankly. Rith and her remaining brothers made it to their first birthday. Rith The Awakener disappeared in late March 2011.


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