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Robindrew Kung Fu

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Formerly of Friksarmy
Date of Birth
August 2010
Date of Death
December 2014
Cause of Death
Lord Castle, VKUM037, and Raston
VFAP001, Kevin, VFAP003, VFAP004, VFAP005, VFAP006, VFAP007, ect.
Known For
Kidnapping pups from a rival group
Also Known As
Second dominant female of Friksarmy

Kung Fu

Robindrew(VKUF039) was born in August 2010 in the Kung Fu. Her mother was the dominant female Kleintjie, and her father was most likely the dominant male Ningaloo. Robindrew was born into a litter of four; she had two brothers, Lord Castle(VKUM036) and VKUM037, and one sister named Ralston(VKUF038). Sadly, in October 2010, VKUM037 was killed by the Whiskers, but the rest of the litter survived to adulthood. In October 2011, Robindrew's surviving brother Lord Castle went roving for the first time, and then in December 2011, Robindrew's sister Ralston was evicted for the first time by Kleintjie. She managed to rejoin the group that same month. Robindrew avoided eviction until September 2012, when she was ousted many times, but always returned to the group. In mid-2013, Kleintjie became pregnant and started to show aggression towards her eldest daughters, including Robindrew. Eight of the females split from the group and joined up with twelve Baobab rovers.


In July 2013, the Baobab males and Kung Fu females formed the Freakin' Awesome mob, though it was later renamed Friksarmy. The oldest of the females Littl'un quickly established herself as the dominant female of the new group. However, in September 2013, she was overthrown and evicted, and Robindrew seized dominance over the group. Soon after, Lionel took over as dominant male, only to be ousted after a month by Lanky Dave. Robindrew was already pregnant at the time, so her litter was probably fathered by Lionel or a rover. In December 2013, Robindrew gave birth to her first litter of pups: VFAP001, Kevin, and VFAM003. She quickly fell pregnant again, and in March 2014, she and Tits McGee gave birth to a mixed litter of pups including VFAP004, VFAP005, VFAM006, and VFAP007. The following month, Robindrew led a raid into Ghostbusters territory, and instead of killing the rival mob's pups, she and her gang kidnapped VGBF009, VGBF010, VGBM011, and VGBP012 to boost their own numbers. The Ghostbusters' pups were all Robindrew's nieces and nephews. In May 2014, a Ghostbusters pup VGBP008 tried to join the Friksarmy but was killed by Friksarmy meerkats. Not long afterwards, Robindrew started showing signs of pregnancy again, and in July 2014, she gave birth to VFAF008, VFAP009, VFAP010, and VFAF011. They were her last litter, as by late 2014, Robindrew became infected with TB and died in December 2014.


Kung Fu Mob

Freakin' Awesome Mob