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Roo(VYF013) was born on February 26, 1997 in the Young Ones. She was born in a litter five. Her litter-mates were her sisters two Piglet(VYF011) and Pooh(VYF012) and her two brothers Eeyore(VYM014) and VYM015. They were the fourth litter ever born on the Young Ones. Her parents were the dominant couple at the time, Morgause and Keros the founders of the Young Ones. Sadly Roo lost her brother VYM015 on October 18, 1997 when he was predated. Roo and her two remaining sisters and brother survived to adulthood. Morgause evicted Piglet with three other females who formed the Whiskers. Her sister Pooh was pregnant at the same time as Morgause, the dominant female. On January 21, 1999 Pooh gave birth to Scardey Cat, Oliver, Merlin and two males pups who sadly died nameless. Morgause gave birth to Biko, Frodo and Markina on January 3, 1999. A few months later Marguse evicted Roo along with Pooh, juvenile AmidalIa and nephew Oliver tagged along in late 1999.


They females soon joined some Frisky males and started the Umbongo Mob. One of the Frisky males became the dominant male. Either Roo or Pooh became the first dominant female but the first pair was predated. If Roo was not the first dominant female than she was probably the second along with another Frisky male. However the second dominant pair was predated like the first. Pooh probaby was the first dominant female since she died on September 22, 2000 while Roo lived on to 2001. Roo probably became the next dominant female with the last Frisky male as her mate, however she was predated on April 28, 2001. Disease soon hit the group in 2000 and the Umbongo was lost.


Young Ones Mob

Umbongo Mob