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Rosie  on March 20, 2010

Rosie(VWM144) was born on November 25, 2009, in the Whiskers. His mother was Ella, and his father was Thundercat. His litter-mates were his two brothers Princess Madcat(VWM143) and Chester(VWM148) and three sisters Blonzig(VWF145), Penetrant(VWF146), and Naggapatzi(VWF147). They survived their first few weeks of life and started foraging with the adults. The pups were looked after till they were three months old when they could take care of themselves. The easy life as a pup soon ended for Rosie when Ella gave birth to a new litter in March, which made Rosie and his litter-mates no longer the pups of the group. Rosie started to take care of himself and soon reach adulthood along with his siblings. He started to babysit, keep a look out for danger, and help out around the group. In June 2011, his older sister Enili became the dominant female after she ousted her older sister Oriole for the position when Ella was overthrown. Enili started to evict Rosie's sisters and mother from the group. In August, Penetrant sadly died. Rosie started to rove more and more with his older brothers and father Thundercat. Sadly, Rosie was Last Seen in March 2013.


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