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Rydapuni Whiskers


Date of Birth
January 19, 2001
Date of Death
July 27, 2003
Cause of Death
Artemis and a Vivian Male
Known for
Whiskers female who joined Vivian


Rydapuni was born into the Whiskers on January 19, 2001. Her mother was Artemis, and her father was an unknown Vivian male. She was born with one brother named Dangerous Dave and one sister named Mi Julie. She had an older sister named Ugly Pup and had one brother who died before she was born: Misfit. Artemis died later that year on June 23, 2001. When Rydapuni was a year old, she was evicted by Flower along with Ugly Pup, Smithers, and Mi Julie, and they eventually joined wild males on Balrog land.


The new group was called Asphodel. Since the group was small, they were chased away by their much larger neighbors. They were originally habituating in Balrog land, but were eventually chased clean off their territory by the rival mob. Either Ugly Pup or Smithers became dominant female of their group. After a while, the wild males soon left and the one litter of pups the Asphodel had produced were killed by the Whiskers in a burrow raid. Ugly Pup then died on November 19, 2002. Rydapuni was the last survivor of the Asphodel mob.


As the last survivor of the Asphodel, Rydapuni didn't stand a chance. She began hanging around the Vivian mob, a rival family of the Whiskers. Over time, she began to make steady progress and the Vivian became used to her presence. They allowed her to join them. Rydapuni didn't stay in the Vivian for long though. She died on July 27, 2003, and her cause of death is still unknown.