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Salis(VYM121) was born into the Young Ones on the 4th of March, 2005. He was born into a mixed litter, which also included Cube(VYM126), Maja(VYF127), Louilou(VYM123), Aurinko(VYM122), Heidi(VYF124), Sepp(VYM125), and Lotte(VYF128). His mother could have been either Asterix, Mia Moya, or Lisani, and his father may have been either Alexander or a roving male. In May, 2005, Heidi and Louilou sadly died. Then on the 26th of August, 2005, Maja was predated. Salis and the rest of the litter survived to adulthood. Cube was one year old when he was Last Seen in March, 2006. The next month, Salis was also Last Seen. It is unknown what happened to him. In July, Salis's litter-mate Sepp was killed while roving at the Lazuli. The other rover of the litter Aurinko was luckier. He became famous for starring as Houdini on Meerkat Manor and mated with the Whiskers' dominant female Flower. Aurinko was Last Seen in June, 2007. The last member of the litter, Lotte, became the dominant female of the Young Ones following the death of Asterix in November, 2007. However, the group was lost a year later due to a faulty radio collar on Lotte. The Young Ones haven't been seen since.


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