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Scaredy Cat(VYF0??) was born on January 21, 1999 in the Young Ones Mob. Her mother was Pooh, a subordinate female, and her father was an unknown rover. Her litter-mates were Oliver(VYM0??), Merlin(VYM0??) and two other pups. The dominant pair was Morgause and Keros, Scaredy Cat's grandparents. As domunant female, Morgause had the option of killing her newboen grandchildren. However, she let the pups live since she had no pups of her own at the time. The two unnamed meerkats died as pups Scaredy Cat, Oliver and Merlin suvived to become independent from the adults. Her mother Pooh was evicted from the group, however Scaredy Cat and her litter-mates started to help out around the mob. Scaredy Cat was evicted long with Mary Ellen, Ally, Tom and Arwen in mid 2002. The five females trailed the group but were ultimately lured away by a large group of Frisky males.


The new group became known as the Pharside, formed by five Young Ones females and ten Frisky males. However all but two of the males left to go roving. Scaredy Cat was the eldest of the females so it is likely she may have taken dominance alongside one of the remaining Frisky males. Not long after most of the males left, a a group of wild males joined the Pharside kicking out the last two Frisky males. Arwen disappeared and the group was no longer followed. Scaredy Cat was Last Seen in November 2002.


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