Scrappy McSandypants(VEKM024) was born in the Ewoks Mob in Janaury 2014. His mother was dominant female McDreamy and his father was most likely Tigi the dominant male of the Ewoks. Scrappy's litter-mates were his two sisters White Russian(VEKF023)  and Sarah-Jane(VEKF025). All three pups survived through their first year. As an adult Scrappy McSandypants began to help out around the group. He didn't do much roving until he was around two years old. Sadly his mother died around this time and his older sister Edzna became the new dominant female. In February a group of JaXX males joined the group while the natal-males were away roving. Scrappy McSandypants left with his father Tigi and most of the adult males, however his fate is unknown.


Ewoks Mob

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