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Scratchy Whiskers

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Date of Birth
November 22, 2001
Date of Death
October 28, 2003
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Vialli's daughter
Also Known As
Zaphod's Daughter

k Scratchy(VWF040) was born in the Whiskers on November 22, 2001. Her mother was Vialli, the dominant female and her father was Zaphod, the new dominant male. She was born in a litter of seven pups with six litter-mates, her two brothers Big Will(VWM038) and Tarzan(VWM044), and her four sisters Itchy(VWF039), Thelma(VWF041) and Louise(VWF042) and Daisy(VWF0043). Soon after the pups began to forage with the adults, her mother Vialli disappeared and was thought to have been predated. Her aunt Flower took over as dominant female. The Whiskers were a good size group so they managed to bring the whole litter through. At a year of age, Scratchy started to help out with the pups. She also soon started to attach rovers to the group. In early 2003, Scratchy mated with a rover and became pregnant. Her sisters Thelma and Itchy also mated with rovers. She gave birth in March but the litter was lost due to the dominant female Flower abandoning the pups. Itchy's litter was killed and Thelma's met the same faith as Scratchy's litter. After mating with a rover, Scratchy became a prime target for eviction. Scratchy mated again and was pregnant in October however she was evicted in the following month, because Flower was also pregnant. Scratchy was not along and was evicted with her four sisters, Thelma, Louise and Daisy followed by Itchy staring with Louise. Soon the females all disappeared one by one. Scatchy was Last Seen on October 28, 2003.


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