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Lonestar was a young Whiskers male fisrt seen in the third episode Rising Star of season four of Meerkat Manor. In the US version he was called Seacrest. He was never mentioned before season four and was a considered a young male coming into age. When the Whiskers ran into the Commandos, the Whiskers' biggest rivals, Zorro led the charge but Lonestar ran out in front of the rest of the group. After seeing how big and fearsome the Commandos were Rocket Dog and Zorro then made a retreat leaving Lonestar still charging. He didn't hear the call to retreat and faced the whole Commandos alone. He ran head on into the Comamndos full force expecting re-enforcements to back him up but found none. Lonestar was attacked by the entire Commando mob and was on death's door, however Nikita let him live seeing he was just one meerkat and no major treat. The Commandos returned to their territory and Lonestar found himself alone. He wondered off in a random direction, as any was just as good and the next, but he wasn't heading towards the Whiskers. He located the Commandos again out foraging later on in the day. Lonestar tried his luck in roving. He managed to sneak pasted all the adult males but the females had taken notice to him. Nikita had enough of him but she had also lost her mate Hannibal and needed to bred to keep her status. Lonestar found himseft at the right place at the right time. He mated with the Commandos' leader and spent the night in a bolt hole with her. The next day he mated with her one more time before she sent him off. Lonestar left the Commandos be and came across another group. It was not a group with any females he could mate with, it was the Aztecs. Lonestar joined the Aztecs and they were happy to have him since he was another strong adult male. Lonestar played a minor role after this.


Lonestar as played by several meerkats from the Whiskers gang. At first he was played by a Whisker male named Flava Flav, who was the meerkat who got left behind and attacked by the Commandos during a roving trip. However it was his younger brothers also helped to play the role. Jogu was the Lonestar who was seen mating with Nikita(Zorilla). while Maladoy was used for some roving footage along with Flava Flav and Jogu. The Lonestar joining the Aztecs was actually played by an young Whisker female meerkat named Burdock.

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