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Sepp(VYM125) was born in a mixed litter of the Young Ones on March 4, 2005. His mother was either Asterix, the dominant female, or Mia Moya or Lisani, two subordinate females. His father was either the dominant male Alexander or a rover from another group. Sepp was born into a large litter of eight: Cube(VYM126), Salis(VYM121), Louilou(VYM123), Aurinko(VYM122) Heidi(VYF124), Maja(VYF127) and Lotte(VYF128). All eight pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. Within the next coming months, Sepp lost a few of his litter-mates. Heidi was predated on May 17, 2005, and only three days later Louilou was also lost to a predator on May 22, 2005. A few month later Maja was predated August 26, 2005. Sepp and his remaining litter-mates survived to adulthood. Cube was either predated or Last Seen in March 2006 and Salis disappeared in April 2006. Sepp took to roving in mid-2006. He joined two Whiskers males, his uncle Yossarian and cousin Zarathustra in July of 2006. They came across the Lazuli while all the adult males were away roving. The males made themselves at home within the Lazuli, mating with the females freely as there were no breeding males to challenge them, and it seemed likely that they would be accepted into the group. Yossarian was the oldest of the males and most likely to take domiance beside the dominant female Cazanna; however, their three day reign came to an end when all the males returned and attacked the intruders. The males killed Sepp while Yossarian and Zarathustra managed to escape to a nearby bolt hole. Yossarian was seen with terminal injuries and did not emerged the following day with his son Zarathustra, leaving Zarathustra as the only survivor of the incident.


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