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Zarathustra with Sera

Sera (VCDF038) was born into the Commandos Mob. Her mother was Zorilla and her father was Jogu. Her litter-mates were Benno (VCDM035), Cody (VCDM037) and Yara (VCDF036). Her mother was the Dominant Female at the time who just lost her long term mate Aragorn. Her father didn't join the Commandos. Before Sera was born, five Whiskers males emigrated into the mob. Zarathustra took male dominance next to Zorilla. Sadly, her mother and four of the Whiskers and well as her brother Cody, died of a disease. Celidh took female dominance after her mother, while Panthro, the last Whisker male in the group, took male dominance. Sera and her litter-mates survived to adulthood but soon after the Commandos mob moved out of the monitored area and could no longer be tracked. It is unknown what happened to her and her family.


Mother: Zorilla

Father: Jogu

Sister: Yara

Brothers: Benno and Cody

Uncle: Maladoy

Grandmothers: Baddiel and Risca

Grandfathers: JD and Izit

Greatgrandmothers: Flower and Brambles

Great Grandfathers: Zaphod and Argon

Meerkat Manor

Sera was featured on Meerkat Manor as the step daughter of Zorro (Zarathustra). Seacrest (Jogu) is seen mating with Nikita (Zorilla) and later she gives birth to four feisty little Commandos troopers. She and her siblings were never given names in the show. The Seacrest joining the Aztecs was played by Burdock. The five Whiskers males were Zarathustra who of coursed played Zorro. Miles and Baker played Miles and Baker. Panthro played Dizzy and Karim played Duke who mated with Kleintjie who played Rosie. The pups were seen tormenting the Whiskers males.


Commandos Mob

Zorilla Gattaca

Jogu Whiskers

Yara Commandos

Cody Commandos

Benno Commandos