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Sereina Commandos

Sereina(VCDF027) was born on August 10, 2006 into the Commandos. Her mother was Zorilla and her father was Aragorn. Her litter-mates were Wilson(VCDM026), Max(VCDM028), Moritz(VCDM029) and Samba(VCDF030). Since her parents were the dominant pair, Sereina and her siblinsg were the made focus of the mob.All five pups survived their first few months. Sadly, her father died in April 2007, then her brother Wilson died on June 9, 2007. The rest of Sereina's litter survived to their firat birthday. After Whiskers rovers joined the group in October 2007 Seriena's brother Moritz went roving with the other older males. He Moritz left the group in December 2007. Zorilla started to evicted females from the group, Sereina was evicted with several other females. In January 2008, Seriena and her remaining brother Max were both Last Seen. Samba stayed in the group and gave birth to a litter in August 2008. In April 2009, Samba was Last Seen and the Commandos were Last Seen shortly afterwards.

Meerkat Manor

Sereina played as herself on Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation. She was a loyal daughter to Nikita(Zorilla) and helped her mother evict several subordinate females. In spite of her assistance and young age, Sereina was also eventually evicted. She was the eigth subordinate to be exiled. Following this, Sereina disappeared and was not mentioned again.


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