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Sherry(VBBF065) was born in November 8,2010, into the Baobab Mob. Her mother was Cruise and her father was a unknown male. Sherry had three litter-mates, all brothers called Mr Lahey(VBBM062) Uncle Phil(VBBM064) and Shredder(VBBM063). All four pups survived to adulthood. In March, 2012, the Baobab split into two groups. Sherry's brother, Mr Lahey, was separated from his siblings. However, he returned the next month. From June, 2012 and onwards, Sherry's brothers started roving. In October, 2012, Sherry was evicted for the first time, but  eventually returned to the group. Sherry lived in the Baobab until late 2012 when she was evicted along with her older sister, Crunchy. The females disappeared and were considered lost but later reappeared in May 2013.


Serry was relocated in a new mob later called the Acacia along with Crunchy. The two females must have joined two previously evicted Baobab females, their older half sisters named Herpasaurus and Spatula, because they were also in the group with two wild males. They were seen together later in May in an encouter with Van Helsing. The oldest of the females Herpasaurus was acting as the dominant female. In June 2013 the group went missing and wasn't relocated untill August, by then Sherry and Herpasaurus had gone missing. Their faith unknown but may have been predation. Sherry was cosidered Last Seen by June 2013.


Baobab Mob

Acacia Mob