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Shongolongo(VBM015) was born in the Balrog Mob son time in May 2000. His mother was thoguht to be Luella and his father was know to be Izit. He was an adult meerkat whent he Balrog group was first started to be habituated. The dominant male at the time was Balrog. Luela gave birth to five pups and soon died withint the following year. Five Vivian females soon joined the group and Velvet became the new dominant female for the next few years. After her death her daughter Babbelas became the new dominant female even though she was not the oldest female in the group. Not long after the dominant Balrog died from possible old age. Shongolongo was the oldest male by two years but he made no attempt at taking dominance. Since his half sister was the dominant female there was no breeding rights to be gain so he continued to rove and left the dominant male position to his younger brother Mbabane. A few months later Shongolongo and some of the males including Mbabane left the Balrog to rove and joined up with Hannibal, from the Vivian Mob. The were seen with wild males as well and soon disappeared. However Hannibal later joined the Balrog. The Balrog males probably joined a wild group, maybe Shongolongo became the dominant male when breeding rights became at stake with an unrelated dominant female. He was Last Seen on July 17, 2005.


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