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Shoshonna Pandora

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Yes, of Pandora
Date of Birth
September 2012
Date of Death
November 2016
Cause of Death
Toblerone and Pepper
Mr Holmes
Maharaj, T. Sizzle, Limptih, N'Dila, VPAP027, Padaki, Mbote, Lambrusco and Pamplemousse
Known For
Descendant of Whiskers meerkats
Also Known As
Fourth Dominant Female of Pandora

Shoshonna(VPAF009) was born in September 2012 the Pandora Mob. Her mother was Toblerone and her father was Pepper, the dominant couple at the time. Shoshonna was born with two litter-mate brothers named Shoshonna, Shlameasal(VPAM010) and Shlamuassal (VPAM011). Sadly in December Shlamaussal was predated. Both remaining pups survived to adulthood . Shoshonna was evicted for the first time in July 2013. She was able to rejoin her family the following month. Sadly Toblerone had died and Pepper had disappeared leaving Shoshonna's aunt Snowflake as the dominant female however she was soon lost as well. Shoshonna didn't compete for dominance and her aunt Molly became the new dominant female. Wild males soon joined the group. Both Molly and Shoshonna became pregnant but both females aborted their litters. Molly started to agressively evicted Shoshonna from the group even when she was not pregnant. Shoshonna became pregnant again but quickly aborted the litter in Janaury 2014. In March both Molly and Shoshonna were pregnant, however Molly aborted. Shoshonna finally gave birth Maharaj(VPAM024), T. Sizzle(VPAM025), Limptih(VPAM026) and Stu(VPAF027) in April 2014. The subordinate litter was allowed to remain in the group since Molly had aborted. In August Shoshonna was pregnant again and evicted by Molly. When she returned to the group in August 2014, Molly had been predated. By September Shoshonna had established herself as the new dominant female, however, she aborted her litter. Her brother Shlameasal left the group to go roving and never returned, making Shoshonna the last offspring of Pepper, the first dominant male of the Pandora. Shoshonna fell pregnant again and gave birth to N'Dila(VPAF031), Padaki(VPAM032), Mbote(VPAM033), Lambrusco (VPAM034) and Pamplemousse(VPAF035) in December 2014. In 2015 she had two more litters, the first consisted of four surviving pups. The second were killed by another female, presumably Himaachal who was pregnant at the time. In January 2015 two wild males joined the group, one of them called Mr Holmes later became the dominant male by Shoshonna's side. Shoshonna gave birth to another litter in April 2016 but once again they were killed by a subordinate female. She gave birth again in September 2016, along with Linda and Tuca but sadly all of their litters are lost. Sadly, not long after this, she and Linda would be lost to TB in November 2016.


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