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Shoy on Meerkat Manor.


Shoy(VLM099) was born in the Lazuli on Spetmber 16, 2004. His mother was Cazanna, and his father was Basil. He had two litter-mates: his one sister named Phia(VLF100) and his one brother named Wawa(VLM098). The three pups survived to adulthood. In June 2006 Shoy went roving for the first time. He joined up with his litter-mate Wawa and older brother JD; together they left the Lazuli for good.


The rovers teamed up with two Young Ones females and a two-month old pup from the same group to form the PQ. JD and Tequila became the dominant pair. However, even though Shoy was a subordinate male, he was seen mating with Tequila, but neither of the females managed to have pups. Disease hit the group, killing Wawa and the subordinate female Phalanges Paah. Since the group could not reproduce successfully, Shoy, JD, and the young male Shady left the PQ to form a new mob elsewhere. Tequila later joined the Balrog, and with that, the PQ was lost.


The three rovers joined up with four evicted Whiskers females to form the Starsky. JD once again took dominance, and Kinkaju became the dominant female of the group. But like before, Shoy mated with Kinkaju in October 2006, even though he was not the dominant male. Just as it happened with the PQ mob, disease struck. JD was the first to die, followed by Armanita Ditch, then Shady. In November 2006, Shoy became the dominant male of the group. Kinkaju gave birth not long afterwards. It's possible that her offspring were fathered by Shoy. Sadly, the pups were lost; it was assumed that they had been killed by the subordinate female De La Soul, who was pregnant at the time. De La Soul eventually gave birth, but her two pups disappeared. Kinkaju fell pregnant again and had a single pup, possibly fathered by Shoy. Sadly, the tiny pup was lost. Over that time, Shoy had lost a lot of weight. On March 5, 2007, Shoy disappeared; it's suspected that he died of TB. By April 2007, the rest of the Starsky had sadly died out.

Meerkat Manor

Although Shoy could be seen among the Starsky mob in the third season of Meerkat Manor, he was one of the only members who was not mentioned (Armanita Ditch was the other meerkat who was not mentioned). All the other Starsky members had roles on the show, but by the episode "The Graduate", the group had been lost.


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