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Shredder(VBBM063) was born on November 8, 2010, into the Baobab Mob. His mother was Cruise Whiskers and his father was an unknown male. Shredder was born into a litter of four, his litter-mates were Mr Lahey(VBBM062), Uncle Phil(VBBM064) and Sherry(VBBF065). All four pups survived to adulthood. In March, 2012 the Baobab split into two groups. Shredder's brother Mr Lahey was separated from the rest of the litter. However he and the rest of the separated meerkats returned the next month. In June 2012 Shredder went roving for the first time with nine other Baobab males. He went roving again two months later. In July 2013 he and his brothers Uncle Phil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil left the group to go roving. In August 2013 they all joined the Friksarmy Mob. Shredder lived as a subordinate male in that mob for eight months. In March 2014 he was sadly Last Seen.


Cruise Whiskers

Baobab Mob

Friksarmy Mob