Simon was a fictional meerkat seen in the fourth season of Meerkat Manor. Simon was seen as a babysitter along with Sophie a much older female meerkat who had a lot of babysitter experiance under her belt. Simon and Sophie were in charge of Rocket Dog 's new pups Nugget and Beaker. The rest of the Whiskers went out to forage. While babysitter Sophie got bored and hungry so she led the pups and Simon out for a quick forage. They went a little farther they they should have and ran into a rival mob called the Aztecs led by Sophie's aunt Maybelline and grandfather Zaphod. They small group of four took shelter in a bolt hole. As the babysitters went deeper they soon discovered a nasty snake hiding at the back end of the tunnel. The Aztecs stormed the bolt hole but Simon managed to keep them back as Sophie moved the pup away from the snake. The small group were saved when it staretd to rain. The Aztecs left to find somewhere to wait out to storm. The Babysitters and the pups were forced to stay in the bolt hole the whole night. Rocket Dog was frantic but could not do anything to find her missing pups. The next morning Sophie took the pups back to the Whiskers but Simon did not go with them. He had battled the snake at night and died the next day from the vemon.


Simon was played by Butch Cassidy who was born in the previous second season as a pup named Apollo. He had lived in the Whiskers for two years and died on October 9, 2007.