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Sirius Black

Sirius Black (VGGM004) was born into the Gattaca Mob in 2001. He and his sibling littermates were the very first litter born in the Gattaca mob. Sirius Black had two sisters, BuckBeak Gattaca(VGGF001) and Mad Eye Moody Gattaca(VGGF002), one brother, Severus Snape Gattaca(VGGM003) and one possible brother Mr. Wendell Gattaca . His mother was Wahine Whiskers(VWF019) and his father was Izit Vivian(VVM021). Wahine was predatored in February, 2002, and Risca took dominance. Sirius Black was predatored in March, 2002, but all of his siblings survived to adulthood.


Mother: Wahine Whiskers(VWF019)

Father: Izit Vivian(VVM021)

Littermate sisters: BuckBeak Gattaca(VGGF001) and Mad Eye Moody Gattaca(VGGF002)

Littermate brother(s): Severus Snape Gattaca(VGGM003) and possibly Mr. Wendell Gattaca (VGGM068)


Wahine Whiskers

Gattaca Mob

Izit Vivian