Smithers Whiskers


Smithers(VWF029) was born in the Whiskers Mob on September 8, 2000. Her mother was Holly and her father was Argon. Her two litter-mates were her brothers Mr. Burns(VWM028) and Montgomery(VWM027). She and her litter-mates were Holly's last litter. Holly died just elevan days after giving birth to her last litter when a martial eagle caught her. Smithers and her brothers were still young pups then. Her older cousin Risca took the dominant female position and craed for Smithers and her brothers. Life for the Whiskers continued. Risca overtime lost dominance to Smithers' older sister Vialli. Smithers reach adulthood by then and other females had given birth to litters after hers. After Vialli died in early 2002 the position of dominant female of Whiskers was contested between the eldest females. Smithes competed with her older sister Flower and younger nieces Ugly Pup and Mi Julie. Flower was the oldest of them and won dominance. Flower, Smithers, Mi Julie and Ugly Pup all became pregnant. Flower was the first to give birth but Smithers and Mi Julie killed her pups. Mi Julie then gave birth and Smithers killed her litter. Smithers then gave birth to her litter, but her pups were killed by Ugly Pup who then gave birth to three pups. Two were carried off by predators and one was killed during the Whiskers battle with the Lazuli. Smithers, along with the other females, began being attacked by Flower and eventually were evicted. Smithers, her cousins Mi Julie, Ugly Pup and Rydapuni all stayed together and teamed up with two wild males.


The males stayed with the females and formed a new mob called the Asphodel. The position of dominant female was taken by either Smithers or Ugly Pup and dominant male was taken by one of the wild males. Ugly Pup was only 28 days younger then Ugly Pup, however Smithers disappeared before Ugly Pup along with another female, suggesting that Ugly Pup may have evicted her. Ugly Pup may have been the dominant female over Smithers. The group took residence at an area bordering the Balrog group but were chased off; back to an area in the Whiskers range. Smithers and her group did not produce any surviving litters. The first litter was killed in a Whiskers burrow raid. With no pups the wild males soon started to rove left the group for better mating opportunities. Smithers and Mi Julie both disappeared on October 28, 2002 while Ugly Pup disappeared a month later leaving only Rydapuni was the last surviving Asphodel. She laster remarkably joined the Vivian but later died or disappeared later on in 2003.

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